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ABOUT ME... hi, i'm tim gunther. i've been happily working as a voice·over and voice actor for a fair amount of years now. one of the great things about this job, is that my personal story just doesn't seem that important. it's about the voice and the craft. it's what you hear that counts. so, forget about my stats, likes and dislikes, and allow your ears to be the judge. 

ABOUT MY WHEREABOUTS... as i thoroughly enjoy working with a director and sound engineer \ designer in person, i have thus far chosen not to have a home studio. if so desired however, i can rely on some professional home-away-from-home-studios nearby with solid remote connection solutions.

ABOUT MY WEBSITE... to website, or not to website... it's a difficult one. it can enhance workflow : "hey, did he do thát..!?" but it can also evoke negativity : "phew, did he do thát!??" on the other hand, if a single website can entice both "hey!" ánd "phew!", it could be worth your while. because together, these two just may mean scope. and what a coincidence... scope is exactly what i hope to offer.


all samples on this website · new or old · have been carefully chosen to depict what i can sound like at present for your production. whether it be a commercial, audio visual, movie, cartoon, stop motion animation project, station voice, navigation system, voice response system, moving storyboard, trailer, event, demo, song, presentation or pitch. i have had the great privilege of doing them all. and thanks to my migrating parents: in english, dutch, and in between.

ABOUT YOU... still, i would love to be a part of your production. because together, we might just elevate it to that very special place. That place where it can not only be seen and heard... but also felt.

Tim Gunther · Voice-Over
© TIM GUNTHER · 2024
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